Pioneers’ New Look

Unveiling Pioneers' Refined CI: A Bold Leap Forward


“Innovation is the engine that drives us and makes us push our boundaries,” shares Martin Baumdicker, our Chief Visionary Officer. “Our revamped CI is a reflection of our Pioneer collective spirit - one of curiosity, growth, and a touch of audacity.”

We’re genuinely excited to introduce the next chapter in Pioneers’ journey - our updated Corporate Identity (CI).

Over the past few years, we've seen the agency grow from a close-knit group to a tribe of over 100 brilliant minds. We've welcomed talented individuals into our family, with branches now in Mainz, Berlin, and Munich. We've forged strong partnerships with amazing brands and continue to learn and evolve every day. It's a journey of transformation that's now reflected in our refreshed visual identity.

Our new logomark, boasting added depth, embodies our capacity to make an impact in both physical and digital realms. It signifies the depth and breadth we bring to every project we undertake. But there's more. We've intricately woven new patterns and gitters into our visual identity, setting the stage for a dynamic, engaging visual experience. Anticipate the launch of innovative social media formats like "Pioneers Picks" and "Ideas in Action," encapsulating our fresh approach to sharing insights and innovations.

In addition to these refreshed visual elements, we're introducing three new colors - Slate Blue, Wisteria, and Tea Green. These hues seamlessly integrate with our established palette, granting us greater adaptability and inclusivity in our creative expression, all the while upholding our unique character and style.

This isn't just a visual update; it's a reflection of our dedication to progress and innovation. As an agency with a firm grasp of the industry, we’re always looking for what’s next. We recognize the significance of technology, storytelling, and orchestrating immersive experiences.

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