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The Empower League Studio

Oasis of physical well-being

We’re excited to showcase yet another project from our #localsforlocals initiative in Mainz! The Empower League Studio is a premium fitness studio that encourages a holistic fitness approach. The project was commissioned by Nadine Wunsch, founder of one of the first EMS Training studios in the Mainz & Rhein-Main area and a passionate community leader. We felt immediately comfortable in Nadine’s presence, and getting her first-hand feedback made work processes more smooth and transparent.

The client requirements have been relatively straightforward from the beginning - a design approach based on modularity, minimalism, durability, and natural ambiance. We got right to it with a combination of materials and colours that inspired a natural oasis-like look and feel.

Upon entering the space, we wanted the customer to be instantly and fully absorbed in a new world - one that breathes calm, warmth, and well-being. The combination of heavy, solid elements on the floor with the light, see-through details hanging from the ceiling creates a feeling of permanence and balance. We aimed to replicate this warm feeling of being grounded while still stimulating the imagination.

We used the natural light as much as possible and only installed large energy-efficient light bulbs where it was required. This particular choice of lighting elements, mineral colours and natural elements - wooden grids, small plants, glass elements - invites a somewhat reflective attitude, which is relatively uncommon for a sports studio.

Our approach to this generous space was to keep it flexible for different types of events and customers. We installed suspended wooden grids that make excellent use of the room's height and visually separate the space into various activity areas.

"Working with PIONEERS was incredibly inspiring! The team turned my vague concepts into a stylish and most importantly authentic business! They had an exceptional feel for my ideas and always managed to exceed my expectations!" Nadine Wunsch, founder of the Empower League Studio.

Our design team first started with developing the branding for the Empower League Studio, helping it stand out in a relatively overcrowded market. The minimalistic approach and the mineral colours only accentuate the reliability and maturity of both the studio and the founder.