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2010 - ongoing

The Central Launch experience is a benchmark in automotive training, where every new model in the Audi portfolio is presented to the sales team. The training is held up to three times a year, at the Audi Campus Airport Munich and in venues such as the Audi Meteroit, A1 City and Salzburg. Up to 35,000 participants take part in the training, which combines driving the new models and their competitors on closed tracks and public roads, theory, and incentive modules.

The state-of-the-art training is enhanced by a range of up to 400 cars, evening events, product shows, and a digital platform that delivers highly enriched video content, live online trainings, personal assistant for each customer, digitalized questionnaires and tests.

For over 10 years, our team of up to 150 people was responsible for the entire execution, event concept & storytelling, project management, driving experience, car handling, guest management, market communication, digital platform, content management, logistics, and hospitality.

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