Pop-Up at L&T Osnabrück

We designed and executed the launch of Hoka's new Kawana & Clifton 8 shoes


The Kawana is a brand new Hoka model existing between the Clifton and Bondi. As an "omniwore" shoe, it continues to push the boundaries of the brand's high-quality foams and geometries and serves as an all-purpose fitness trainer. The Kawana model draws its name from the famous surfing beach in Australia's Sunshine Coast. Our pop up at L&T Osnabrück is designed after a surf hut, filled with a branded Hoka surfboard and decorated with blue and sandy-tan tones.


We successfully executed two varying campaigns – Kawana and Clifton 8 – simultaneously. The Kawana campaign setup was inspired by a beachy surf lodge. We executed a natural environment, replicating a vinyl sand floor and ocean-blue backdrop. Contrastingly, the Clifton 8 campaign was executed using a more technical and modern color scheme and layout. The LED tubes, floor, and pedestals are unified in their bright white, blue and pink tones to communicate the ultra-light midsole foam designed to offer a cushioned impact with each step. The different settings illustrate two collections that appeal to fitness enthusiasts searching for a versatile lifestyle.


To connect with their community in Osnabrück, Hoka held a "Train for Surf" test event at the indoor surf center Hasewelle. In recent years, Hoka has aimed to target markets such as the triathlon community and to recruit more professional athletes as their brand ambassadors. Since Wendy Yang assumed the role as Hoka's president, the brand's inclusivity efforts have strengthened tremendously, striving to merge elite athleticism with amateur runners' narratives.


Our team built the pop-up setup completely from scratch. We produced custom-made, individual shoe selves for the walls, illuminated shoe pedestals, stools, and a shoe cabinet to display the latest collection.