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The Travel Retail Series

Small spaces, grand ideas.


With the travel restrictions gradually being lifted, passengers, airports and businesses have been bustling again! As travelers, we’re excited to be able to go places again; as retail consultants, we’re happy to support our clients during their business recovery phase and explore new creative ways to engage customers.

Pioneers are the preferred supplier for Frankfurt Airport Retail, and we’re pleased to announce our recent execution series currently on display. 


Our approach to airport retail is to combine highly engaging design and interactive, user friendly technologies. To lure the customers’ attention, we create disruptive micro-environments that tell excellent brand stories. We use vivid colors, bold branding, flashy lights, content-driven installations, and customer-led digital elements.


We believe that airport retail needs to focus primarily on convenience and high-quality experience. In between flights, everything orbits around waiting time - whether you have a lot of time or very little, the shopping experience needs to be memorable, convincing, and smooth for all customers.


We worked closely with Armani, Carolina Herrera, and JTI, specifically Camel, to name a few, during the past months.

For Herrera, we created an empowering customer experience where we invited travelers to sample the fragrances and activate the selfie booth in front of the illuminated hearts and LED lightning bolt, which we produced and installed. The brand presented its dichotomous fragrances - Good Girl and Bad Boy - in dramatic black and bright red stiletto bottles. We aimed to recreate the powerful contrast in every touchpoint.

For Camel, our team executed a highly digital space consisting of multiple customer touchpoints. On the Camel stage, there have been two customer activation booths – a Neon selfie booth and a Neon GIF loop screen – as well as a slot machine where customers could win AirPods. We also built the header, printed vinyl flooring, and GWP/Pack vitrine. 

We also executed an incredible pop-up stage for Giorgio Armani. The irresistible floral and modern Eau de Parfum MY WAY – the woody-floral scent with a combo of bergamot and orange blossom - was showcased and ready for testing.

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