BIG 50: Germany's Largest Owner-Managed Agencies

Germany’s leading advertisement agencies

Every year W&V, Horizont and GWA publish a revenue ranking of Germany’s leading advertisement agencies. As Germany’s retail experience experts, together with our unique clients, loyal partners and employees, PIONEERS Agency is among the top 30!

While the Covid-19 pandemic and recent shortage of skilled workers has been a massive obstacle in the advertising industry, there was nonetheless a 14.57% growth among the 50 largest agencies’ reported figures this year.

Our founder Martin Baumdicker states that while sales drastically dropped by 45% in 2020 due to the pandemic and European trade came to an overall standstill, PIONEERS Agency had nevertheless already taken precautionary measures to prepare for situations like this. 

In 2019, we had already started a rigorous restructuring process/“brand relaunch” that involved a new corporate mission statement, suitable CD, digitised internal communication, and revised internal management processes and workflows. So “when Corona came, we had already done our homework.”

In 2020, when our employees were on short-time or remote work, we created a second level of management to encourage colleagues who have been part of the agency for many years. Since then, employer branding and the development of employees according to their abilities has been a top priority. Pioneers also adjusted its portfolio, expanding from strictly retail spaces to interior and design projects such as corporate spaces, bars and restaurants. 

“You should never let your head hang down. Always work towards new ideas, keep believing, and above all never neglect the most important asset in the agency: your employees,” says Martin Baumdicker. 

The result is 90.91% growth in sales. Our potential lies particularly in the fields of Retail as a Service (showrooming and branded spaces) and data generation for retail brands. 

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