Past trainees, now employees

Guiding the next generation

IHK Ausbildung: Our Experience

At PIONEERS, we highly value constant learning and growing. We aim to create a more sustainable world and fair workplace, where employees feel valued and respected yet challenged. Offering our teams a stable environment and reliable support is something we strive for every day; we have a humble approach to self-learning and acknowledge where there is room for improvement. We're always seeking to enhance the quality of our work, our employees' know-how, and teaching the next generation something valuable.

Since 2017 we have been certified members of the IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce), which means we have successfully trained apprentices in various professions: Assistant Manager in Marketing Communications, Digital & Print Designer, Assistant Manager for Administration. The traineeships usually last for three years, but can be shorter if the apprentice has already completed a course of study or if their record is outstanding. 

This type of on-the-job training offers many opportunities for us as a company – the trainees get to know us, our services, and relevant techniques from scratch and quickly take on independent tasks. We learn how to accommodate new people and fresh ways of thinking and working, which keeps us agile and energetic. We often encourage our employees to participate in training apprentices to exercise their leadership skills actively - at the end of the day, it's pretty fun!

"We think that classic vocational training is a great opportunity in Germany – it's an efficient and sustainable process of welcoming the next generation into the workplace. Many of our employees have gone through an apprenticeship, and one can see the difference – they tend to be more hands-on and more flexible with tasks. It's truly the cornerstone of a successful professional career.", Clarissa Scheiner, Corporate Orga. and IHK Trainer.

"I'm personally delighted to accompany our trainees on their journeys to becoming great project managers. I wanted to become a history teacher or a dance instructor when I was younger because I loved both. Now I'm a trainer who will share his passions, interests, and know-how, which adds a lot of meaning to what I do. ", Leon Ruegg, Project Manager and IHK Trainer.

At the same time, our apprentices acquire a high-quality and internationally recognized qualification, after which they are valued as specialists and have good career opportunities. More often than not, they will stay with PIONEERS – a win-win situation for both parties.

Julia S. finished her three-year training last year and is now a Junior Art Director @PIONEERS. She describes her experience as being diverse and challenging while also quite intense. "The combination of work and school provided me with a variety of tasks that gave me a lot of freedom to learn and experiment. The most important lesson for me was that mastering a skill takes time, and I shouldn't pressure myself into perfection right away. When I look back at the beginning of my training, I know I've come a long way – I now oversee larger projects that involve me a lot more and require more than just design skills."

Nina H. has just started her training as an assistant manager and will be finishing in the summer of 2024. This is her second apprenticeship, and she is convinced that dealing with numbers is exactly her kind of thing. "I've only just started at PIONEERS, but I can already say that I'm having a lot of fun with the team and I feel like I'm very carefully looked after. My colleagues are friendly and kind and won't mind if I – for example - ask the same thing twice. I realize there's a lot I need to learn, but I'm excited and looking forward to it!"


Julia K. will be finishing her Marketing & Comms. Traineeship next January and will stay with PIONEERS as a Junior Project Manager. She felt very supported throughout the whole journey and worked as part of a team, with full responsibilities right from the beginning. Julia thinks that getting to know the client well to be able to anticipate their needs is what makes PIONEERS a great partner. "I've learned to be organized and not lose track of to-do's, especially when I'm working on several projects at the same time. I really value that fact that I'm not seen as the rookie, but as a very capable and trusted team member. This trust will reflect in my work and my interactions with the team and the clients."

We are now in the process of organizing traineeships at our PIONEERS Production as we want to offer vocational training in traditional crafts as well. Our dedicated craftsmen are eager to pass on their knowledge and wisdom! 

*the photos have all been taken by our talented colleague, Philipp Quint. You can check more of his work here or follow him here.