Pioneers now design and implement hygiene tools

Let's make retail safe!

Social distancing is here to stay.

The current pandemic calls for a quick response to protect the population. We need fast and reliable solutions to support vulnerable people and workers who have to sacrifice themselves to keep life and economy working at a minimum. At Pioneers, we promise to help brands go through the retail transformation. Right now, retail is changing massively, while the retail staff is one of the most exposed group to the pandemic. We’re here to help now and in the long term: You can check our hygiene concept here.

As experts agree that this is isn’t a temporary disruption, but one that might give way to a completely different way of living, we believe retail businesses need to plan and gear up. To stop coronavirus and other similar health threats, we will need to redefine not only the way we work, socialize, and organize ourselves but the way we shop as well. No more crowds, no more jumping the lines, no more ten people in a changing booth at the same time.

Following clear directives from the government, our teams can execute and implement the required safety and quality standards for products and tools. We can realize custom-made floor signage, stand-alone signs, transparent protection shields, PVC anti-microbial film (the Pure Zone range), and implement mass disinfection solutions. We can handle logistics and installations directly at the point of sale, documentation, and maintenance of tools and systems implemented.

Have a look at our solutions and simulations here and write to us at if you need a partner during these unpredictable times. We're here for you.