We love to work with our community


For a creative ecosystem

We are living in exceptional times, and solidarity and resilience are more important than ever. Strengthening the local community and supporting other small businesses in Mainz and the Rhein-Main area has become a priority for us, even more for our Production Facility. As our team always like to say, "Wir Mainzer arbeiten gerne zusammen!" (eng. "We, the people from Mainz, love working together!").

Local manufacturing has its clear advantages, despite it not always being the cheapest option. Not very long ago, people wouldn’t really care about sustainable processes, locally sourced raw materials, or encouraging local trade and skill; We would almost always choose the cheapest option.

But with the rise of ethical business and conscious consumers, that has changed, and environment-friendly actions are no longer seen as challenges and contrary to financial ambitions.

At Pioneers, we are not only driven by consumer and market demand but by our own values. We believe that sourcing and producing locally creates a resilient, creative ecosystem of small businesses that can communicate, support, and push each other to do better

"There’s strength in working together with the community and learning from each other, as businesses and professionals. We enjoy sharing our skills and expertise, exploring possibilities together with our customers and simply meeting them face to face. We’re thrilled to have partners such as Pankratz and Kita Emmaus who are interested in durable materials and sustainable executions.“ Moritz Happel

Earlier this year, we had two small projects in our area: a cake display counter for the Pankratz Restaurant and new furniture for the Emmaus Kindergarten in Mainz Münchfeld. Due to the proximity, we built a strong bond with our clients and experienced an authentic feeling of being part of the community. It all enabled us to communicate smoothly and have an ongoing dialogue, which is essential for good service and a good product. All the materials used had been locally sourced from our trusted partners in the area.

“The kids were very enthusiastic about the new built-in features, especially during the first days of use! We are also very happy with the result! " (Kita Emmaus)

Our Production Facility team is always open to new concepts, no matter how unconventional or challenging, and has the energy to build, install, and work out anything. As professionals, we aim to give a thorough insight into our work to the clients as well - understanding the feasibility and the limitations of some ideas and processes can bring a lot of value to them for future projects.

If you want to have a chat with us or drop by our Production Facility, just drop us an e-mail at production(at)pioneers.agency!