We're slowly getting retail back on track.

Our first implementation of safe retail.

Hygiene plan for Intersport.

The past two months haven’t been easy for us. We struggled in seeing the end of the pandemic and the loosing up of the strict social regulations. We feared to have so many creative campaigns go to waste, and we longed to be where we would be most inspired and energetic: on the field.

Even though the pandemic is far from being over, we can see some promising signs in reopening the economy. We’re now slowly getting back on track, and we’re beyond excited. Following Angela Merkel’s announcement last week, that shops with a maximum of 800 sqm could reopen, we witnessed retail's slow comeback. Brands are just as eager to resume their businesses as we are.

Our client Intersport Voswinkel had been one of the quickest in implementing their hygiene plan and measures. When they contacted us with a brief, we got right at it! We had already prepared a plan for store navigation and social distancing and waited for the right moment to implement it. 

Though in Berlin people seem to be showing some degree of skepticism about going out shopping, it has not been the case for Main-Taunus Zentrum, Sulzbach, where Intersport Voswinkel has seen quite a lot of curious people visiting their store at the beginning of the week. Having a proper hygiene plan is not just mandatory for businesses reopening their stores these days, but also essential for customers and staff as it gives them a sense of safety. 

For Intersport Voswinkel, we took care of the entire process leading up to the implementation: screening, planning, and production. In just a couple of days, we managed to implement floor graphics, partition shields, hand sanitiser dispensers, standalone social distancing signage, which made it possible for our client to receive customers in a relaxed and safe environment.

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