Pioneers takes over the global supply for "NIKE BY YOU"‍

Pioneers x Nike By You @HOI

Discover unique items

We’re excited to let you know that Pioneers is the global supplier of customisation items for Nike! We already started by bringing in unique pieces for the Nike By You area inside the House Of Innovation in Paris. They made waves and sold out in a couple of days.

Customisation has been essential for Nike for years - the brand has pioneered community empowerment by inviting people to create their own and set higher customer experience standards by designing authentic omnichannel journeys. With personalisation being one of the key drivers of purchase consideration for brands, it’s no surprise that Nike is well ahead of other brands.

Customisation is vital for retail because it’s symptomatic of how deeply we want to differentiate ourselves and stand out. It’s pointing to our desire to play with imagination and our need to make our belongings consistent with who we are and what makes us tick.

As much as it is about strengthening the user experience, creating excitement, securing customer loyalty, customisation is also about experimentation and play - which we find crucial in staying agile on the market, becoming timeless, and ultimately, be one with the crowds.