A unique, sustainable design

Special Execution: Pankratz Restaurant

Honouring the Pankratz's heritage

From March to July 2020, our Production Facility had been in charge of a unique and special project – the Pankratz Restaurant in Hechtsheim. Part of the Pankratiushof farm, the establishment carries the name of Pankratz, going back several generations. Now owned by Katja Klein, Paul Klein, and Paul Schmiel, the restaurant offers guests an outstanding experience – a distinguished menu offering with local, high-quality products, excellent service, and, since July, a one-of-a-kind location.

Approached by the Pankratz team, we were eager to start right away, having felt that our purpose and mission overlapped: create extraordinary experiences with top-notch products. The architects provided us with the construction plans, which we imprinted with our unique ideas, adjusted, and implemented based on our expertise with safety and construction regulations. We consulted the client in terms of sustainable material choice; then, our dedicated craftsmen team developed a practical solution that was both attractive and competitive.

All the raw materials came from our certified long-term partners and suppliers in the area.

We took care of almost all the wood-based production, except for the chairs and tables, and the metalwork: We used FSC-certified solid oak, steel (black powder-coated in fine structure), and copper, while the sandstone work had been commissioned externally. Our team delivered everything to the location and installed it on site.

We’re honoured that the Pankratz family chose our Production Facility to participate in bringing the restaurant to the next level, making it worthy of its great name and heritage. 

*List of deliverables*: counter, wooden shelves, metal shelves, benches, railings, handrails, and other accessories, seat cushions, hangers, and different finishes.  

*Photography by Sonja Schwarz