We partnered with a local environmental initiative

Reforestation projects & more

For our 2021 Christmas campaign, we honed our focus on both sustainability and giving back to our local environment in a meaningful, tangible way. We designed a Webflow landing page, which we shared on our social media. For each click, we planted one tree. Since then, our Pioneers forest has proliferated massively, reaching 250 trees. We planted half of the trees in Buttelbörn near our Mainz location, and the other half in Halbe near our Berlin location.

On 23 February, our colleagues Jonah, Sebastian, and Marcus went on a fulfilling half-day excursion to plant trees in Buttelbörn. They got their hands dirty, shared some laughs, and most importantly, connected with their surrounding environment after the cold winter months.

On 4 May, our Berlin team – Veronika, Sandra and Marion – met the PLANT-MY-TREE team and planted over 100 trees in sunny Halbe.

PLANT-MY-TREE has reforestation sites throughout Germany. You can contribute by visiting a site and planting trees yourself, or by donating here.

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