The North Face

Launch of Futurelight Rainwear

We embodied the Futurelight innovation into a powerful retail campaign throughout Europe


The newest effort in outerwear innovation comes from The North Face: Futurelight. This revolutionary fabric allows air to pass through for better venting and breathability without sacrificing waterproofness and durability.


The NorthFace requested PIONEERS to plan and execute the launch of Futurelight: The Future of Rainwear on the European market through several key accounts. We're particularly fond of this campaign because it shows exactly where we come from and how we're mastering classic retail executions. We acknowledge that despite living in the digital era, there's still room for traditional retail - when done well, the campaigns can be just as powerful and inspiring for the customers.


We focused our campaign on the idea that first impressions were integral to the customer experience. Our goal was to reveal that Futurelight was everywhere - dominant but approachable, still a part of the community. The wording, the visuals, the product showcase, and the marketing collateral needed to be spot-on from the start.

We were commissioned to work with various spaces - from large multi-brand stores to flagship stores and pop-up spaces - so our ideas needed to reflect the brand's needs individually. As we regularly do in our classic retail campaigns, we designed the journey based on the attract - engage - connect (AEC) concept; our intention is to attract the customers with charming window design, guide them further with engaging elements that (light installations, digital components, stickers, etc.), and finally facilitate the interaction with the product during"connect time". 

Sometimes, the room might get challenging in staging the product or the customer journey might get fragmented, but this is when our team gets creative. In this particular case, we weren't always able to stick to our smooth AEC concept or couldn't always design the "attract" area ourselves; therefore, we compensated with surprising design elements or emphasised other aspects of the journey, such as a longer and more engaging "connect" time.

We always find solutions to accommodate the brand and tell a convincing product story.  

The most significant and complex element of the campaign was the communication with the retailers - we launched in 12 countries and showcased the new technology through three to four key accounts in each state. We designed different customer journeys for each store, considering the cultural expectations of the audience. Alongside the international retail execution, we implemented the digital component - our team built dedicated landing pages that sustained the campaign's overarching message and allowed customers to learn more about the technology behind the products.


The launch of Futurelight Rainwear has been massive and complex. We localized the campaign in 12 countries, organised 110 store executions, built a digital presence for the brand, and facilitated product interactions across Europe.


We wanted the executions to be bold and minimal to allow the brand to make a lasting impression on the audience. Our team used clear visuals with natural colors and durable materials that reflected TNF's commitment to sustainability alongside powerful imagery of TNF athletes wearing Futurelight under extreme weather conditions.


In line with the brand's versatility and resilience, we designed the customer journeys to be compatible with the space and audience- while the executions differed from country to country or store to store, our team managed to keep Futurelight's underlying message intact:

The Future of Rainwear is Here.