The North Face

Launch of Futurelight Rainwear

Powerful retail campaign

The North Face
Brand Experience

The newest effort in outerwear innovation comes from The North Face: Futurelight. This revolutionary fabric allows air to pass through for better venting and breathability without sacrificing waterproofness and durability. The NorthFace requested PIONEERS to plan and execute the launch of Futurelight: The Future of Rainwear on the European market through several key accounts.

We ran a campaign that emphasized the importance of first impressions on the customer experience. We wanted to show that Futurelight was everywhere and approachable. We were hired to work in various spaces, so we tailored our ideas to each location. We used the attract-engage-connect concept, but sometimes had to be creative due to challenges in the space or the customer journey. In these cases, we incorporated surprise elements or emphasized other parts of the journey.

We always find solutions to accommodate the brand and tell a convincing product story.  

The campaign included communication with retailers in 12 countries, with different customer journeys designed for each store based on cultural expectations. A digital component was also implemented, with dedicated landing pages and product information. The campaign included 110 store executions, a digital presence, and product interactions across Europe. The executions were minimalistic and used clear visuals with natural colors and durable materials, as well as images of athletes wearing the product under extreme conditions. The campaign aimed to make a lasting impression on the audience.

In line with the brand's versatility and resilience, we designed the customer journeys to be compatible with the space and audience- while the executions differed from country to country or store to store, our team managed to keep Futurelight's underlying message intact:

The Future of Rainwear is Here.

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