Levi's World of Sustainability

An opportunity for brand education in ethical production and sustainable living


Levi’s is a leading brand in sustainability, a great experience host in retail and a passionate storyteller. During this time, one big challenge for the brand was to create new narratives with brand ambassadors, since events, launches and photoshoots had been banned.

In April 2021, we designed a brand experience/influencer activation that highlighted its eco-friendly production methods while engaging with Berlin's local influencer community. 


We wanted to give Levi’s the chance (and space) to reconnect with its influencer network and demonstrate its mission in a way similar to pre-pandemic times; influencer events had been one powerful means of content generation for the brand.

Tapping into traveling, one of our target audience's most longed-for activities, we redesigned the loft to create an imaginary journey through four continents: visually appealing and emotionally gratifying for our guests. From European metropolitan thrills to South American funky pleasures and Asian delights, we accessorised and animated dedicated areas to resonate with the guests and the locations.

Building on Levi’s sustainability pillars, we made sure to design moments of brand education throughout the journey; we organised several touch-points to inform the guests on the brand’s efforts and impact regarding water reduction, the use of cottonized hemp, and Tencel for more durable products. To help the message get across to a wider audience through Levi's influencers, we set up a distinct area where they could create exciting content for their fans and communities.


For over a month, with a carefully and safely laid out plan, close to fifty influencers visited the loft. We would have loved to have a full house, but we’re living tough times.

Levi’s influencer network loves the brand and adheres genuinely to its purpose and mission; regular updates on product, fabric, or process innovations are welcome by the community and will usually make for great digital content for a larger audience.


The style of the loft is intimate and relaxed, with elements that make up a homey, authentic feeling. We combined custom-made furniture pieces (powered by our Production Facility) with finely designed items that only highlighted Levi’s commitment to durable materials.

We built educational micro-spaces and installed branded items that informed our guests on Levi’s mission and impact for sustainable production throughout the entire journey.  We used materials, colors, fabrics, and accessories that animated the space and echoed Levi’s natural aesthetic.

300sqm. 40 influencers. 8 weeks. 1001 dreams.

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