House Party

Berlin Welcomes Sloggi’s Global Houseparty, Fusing Fun, Comfort and Gen Z

Brand Experience

Sloggi, the category-changing lingerie brand, launched the high-impact campaign “Unlock Togetherness” in May 2023, promoting their new Body Adapt Collection. Their goal was to create a shared space characterised by optimism, energy and comfort, specifically tailored for Gen Z. This concept came to life through a global houseparty, spanning across cities like Milano, Budapest, Stockholm, Warsaw, London, Paris, and finally, Berlin.

Keeping comfort at the forefront, we conceptualised and executed our idea of a proper houseparty on May 25th 2023, highlighting youth and self-expression. Over 150 influencers, content creators and press members gathered in Berlin, diving into the new Body Adapt Collection with true comfort.

Top influencers such as Maya Nilsen, Eva Apio and Sarah Almoril joined the party, embodying the fresh, open-minded, fun spirit of Sloggi’s Gen Z target audience.

Recognizing the importance of engaging directly with Gen Z’s thriving community, we curated several interactive touchpoints to make this evening truly special. From a 360 Photo Booth and dance party to Mario Kart races, a branded Sloggi bathtub, washing machine, and even pizza, our guests could indulge themselves while grooving to the beats of our talented DJ lineup featuring  Quynhi, Moneyama, and ABIBA - all heating up the chequered dance floor.

Photo Credit: Pascal Rohé.

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