150 Years of 501

The First-ever Blue Jean Celebrated Its 150th Anniversary

Brand Experience

In May 2023, Levi’s celebrated a momentous occasion — the 150th anniversary of their iconic 501 blue jeans, marking a significant milestone in fashion history. To pay tribute to this historic silhouette, Levi's launched an international campaign titled "The Greatest Story Ever Worn."

We implemented an extensive rollout, showcasing installations in diverse European locations. By setting up multiple windows and pop-up spaces, we highlighted the rich heritage and timeless appeal of the Levi's 501. To name a few: MANOR Lugano and MANOR Genève in Switzerland, de Bijenkorf in Amsterdam, as well as Levi's® Kurfurstendamm and GALERIA Berlin Alexanderplatz in Germany.

The popularity of Levi’s® 501® jeans is a testament to their timeless appeal and remarkable versatility. Over the years, they have consistently remained at the forefront of the fashion zeitgeist, effortlessly fitting into the closets of people from all walks of life.

Photo Credit:

  • Berlin: Pascal Rohé & Christian Plähn
  • Switzerland: We Get Social Media Dynamico Media
  • Amsterdam: Corneliu Ganea Unframed Visuals
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