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The Future of Fashion

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As an industry leader in creative trends, Tik Tok sought to position themselves at the forefront of the fashion industry this June 2022.

TikTok, alongside Elle Magazine and Karl Lagerfeld, held a fashion event titled "The Future of Fashion" for the first time in Berlin. The evening began with a series of red carpet interviews with stars such as Millane Friesen (@millane), Aleandra (@ale4andra) and Angelina (@anxvids). "Future fashion for me is a lot of colour, and I hope it’s something more expressive and experimental," says artist Kicki Yang Zhang on the red carpet in an interview with AFP Deutschland.

We welcomed over 100 top creators, public figures, fashion brands and artists for this event to celebrate the creative fashion community that gains popularity on Tik Tok. We partnered with Karl Lagerfeld, Elle Magazine Germany, and the Dematerialised to make this special evening happen.

The Tik Tok fashion event included the following:

• An insightful panel talk on "The Future of Fashion" with Marjorie Hernandez, Co-founder and CEO  of the Dematerialised, Alexandra Sophie Link, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Elle, Harper's Bazaar Germany and Esquire, and Mirjam Schuele, SVP Marketing at Karl Lagerfeld.

• A keynote speech by fashion creator Millane Friesen on "How I Made it on Tik Tok in Fashion"

• Four moving performances by R&B/Soul artist Lie Ning, German rapper Bausa, German hip-hop artist Pajel, and Berlin-based DJs Alyssa & Gia.

• An interactive Karl Lagerfeld Experience Room

• Dinner & Club to celebrate the fashion community late into the night

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