The North Face

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The North Face
Brand Experience

In 2017, The North Face brought together an international team of elite athletes, designers and innovators to design the world's most advanced alpine mountaineering gear. With three years of comprehensive research from experts in various fields, TNF created an innovative system of layers optimized to provide waterproofing and moisture management.

This Advanced Mountain Kit series features 5 built-in technologies using a unique layering system that facilitates alpinists to climb up to 7,000-8,000 meters. To emulate the garment's ultramodern style, we created a sleek in-store look, illuminating the collection in bright violet and yellow tones.

In September 2021, we both produced and executed the luminous set-up at Sporthaus Schuster in Munich: a 5x3 LED panel in the window display, an in-store innovation box with digital informative screens, horizontally protruding tent, and lit-up podiums featuring various kit items. PIONEERS delivered a seamless and immersive consumer journey with several digital touch points providing information about each product.

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