Highlights from 2019

Everything is very intense (II)

Navigating unpredictable times

We’re going forward with our highlights from 2019, showcasing ideas that speak about navigating changes and learning how to deal with new meanings and realities.

Please check "Everything is very intense (I)" for more context!

Extreme is the new normal: Get used to new realities.

>  Artist Lucy McRae has created a survival kit for a post-apocalyptic future, designed to be carried on the body like a backpack. McRae imagines her Future Survival Kit “would help people adjust to life after the "age of the algorithm" when people have rejected digital devices and social media platforms.

It’s extreme, we know. But then again, we need to be prepared. Let us know at hello@pioneers.agency if this is something you are also thinking about. 

Entering a New Retail Era: Showfields

>  Showfields call themselves “the most interesting store in the world.” Quite a bold statement, but we agree on one thing - they do run the direct-to-consumer conversation show. “Showfields celebrates brand individuality by featuring each brand’s unique story within the larger store curation.”

The Facing-Reality Experience: Installations and shops that remind us of our impact and duty

> The Pass on Plastic Shop, in London, shed has created a “pass on plastic shop” to raise awareness of our impact, as single-use plastic is a major issue for our oceans. The team developed a “wallpaper design out of plastics found in the ocean; this was then used to wrap the entire space, inside and out”.

>  Miniwiz temporary pop-up store, in Sardinia, sells repurposed products. Customers can only get products from the shop if they bring in plastic-made products, as the shop doesn’t take money. Miniwiz is a testament of the circular-economy model, reimagining the ways we use waste and a lesson for those who looking to disrupt the experience market.

We believe brands are becoming more aware of the value of true and meaningful connections with their customers. They are now willing to pay more attention to authentic experiences and give more time for the brand-customer interactions to evolve into stronger relationships. Under the pressure of an overabundance of choice, customers are looking to clean up and simplify their lifestyles. For brands, this is an opportunity to find focus and learn where to invest time and effort.

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