Airport Make-up Boutique

We built a premium boutique to charm passengers at Frankfurt International Airport.


Our team was briefed to build a high-end boutique to reflect Armani’s state-of-the-art perfume and cosmetics offering. Being the definition of premium and elegance, Armani was interested in an immersive customer experience just as remarkable as the brand itself. Therefore, we used only the finest materials and craftsmanship in the design, installation and arrangement of the boutique elements.


When we design spaces at the airport, we aim to slow down the visitors and charm them into spending some time with the brand. Building on the cinema look-and-feel concept, our team created the boutique to resemble an elegant film set, where the customer had to be the star.

A combination of the finest materials and vivid, contrasting colours created a sleek red-carpet vibe, elevating the customer experience. A broad metal framework countered the delicate red velvet and defined a bright and private space for the interaction between the customers and the brand.


At the airport, there is fierce competition for customers’ minimal attention span. In between flights, navigating stressful boardings, and large bags, travellers have to be presented with very convincing reasons to enter a store.

For this particular offer, Armani targeted women in search of high-quality experience and products. Playing on one’s intimate desire to be the center of attention every once in a while, we created a space where women could refresh their make-up and indulge in being cared for.


Due to the somewhat unpredictable nature of travellers’ routes at the airport, we designed the boutique to be accessible from three sides. We planned a versatile customer journey to attract customers coming from almost every direction. Using activating messaging in line with the creative cinema concept, we invited customers to do a quick makeover before the set and create their own movie posters in a bespoke photo-booth. Depending on what the customer chose, they could take a printed version of the movie poster with them or receive a gif via e-mail.

Through the use of premium materials and elements, such as velvet, gilded surfaces, vanity lighting, excellent blotter holders, and soft metal plinths, we managed to tell a consistent story throughout every touchpoint.

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