Airport Make-up Boutique

Premium boutique

In-House Factory

Our team was briefed to build a high-end boutique to reflect Armani’s state-of-the-art perfume and cosmetics offering. At the airport, there is fierce competition for customers’ minimal attention span. In between flights, navigating stressful boardings, and large bags, travellers have to be presented with very convincing reasons to enter a store. For this particular offer, Armani targeted women in search of high-quality experience and products. Playing on one’s intimate desire to be the centre of attention every once in a while, we created a space where women could refresh their make-up and indulge in being cared for.

PIONEERS designed a high-end boutique for Armani's perfume and cosmetics, using premium materials and craftsmanship to create an immersive experience. The boutique was designed to resemble an elegant film set, with a sleek red-carpet vibe and bright, private space for customer interactions. To appeal to women seeking a high-quality experience and products, we created a space where they could refresh their makeup and feel cared for. The boutique was accessible from three sides and featured a versatile customer journey with activating messaging and a photo-booth where customers could create their own movie posters or receive a gif via e-mail. Premium materials and elements such as velvet, gilded surfaces, and vanity lighting were used throughout to create a consistent brand story.

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