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The North Face
Brand Experience

Our team designed, produced, installed, and organized a booth for the Advanced Mountain Kit at ISPO 2020 B2B event. The booth featured a smooth customer journey highlighting four technologies in the kit, with a light installation guiding visitors to product isles and a monolithic screen displaying product information and animations of athletes at high altitudes. The booth also included a content-driven light installation and projections with inspiring and informative messages. To make the kit stand out, we used a disruptive set design with individually staged mannequins and equipment that visitors could touch and experience. The booth was modular to allow for reuse of most of the pieces.

International Media, Wholesale business partners, TNF employees and stakeholders, influencers, international brand teams are just some of the guests that visited our booth during the exhibition. We designed the space to be clean, versatile, and to accommodate meetings, micro-events, impromptu work/socializing get-togethers. All in all, a favourable business environment for all the people involved.

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