The North Face


We designed and installed a unique booth that defied expectations.


The Advanced Mountain Kit is the most refined alpine climbing gear that the brand has ever created. Inspired by devoted outdoor professionals who will readily chase radical weather conditions and will conquer the highest of peaks, the kit stands out as the next-generation approach to innovation, pushing the limits of possibility at 8,000 meters. 

For ISPO 2020, our team designed, produced, installed and organised the unique booth.


ISPO is fundamentally a B2B event where developing significant partnerships and strong relationships are crucial to business success. Clear, inspiring, positive, and consistent storytelling is imperative when revealing a new product offering. 

Our team designed a smooth customer journey that highlighted four of the technologies that make up the Advanced Mountain Kit. A ceiling light installation would literally light the way towards the four dedicated product isles and towards an all-screen monolithic centerpiece. The digital screen block would alternatively project product information and chilling animations showing bold athletes at >8,000m high, highlighting the depth of the nature-people-gear connection.


International Media, Wholesale business partners, TNF employees and stakeholders, influencers, international brand teams are just some of the guests that visited our booth during the exhibition. We designed the space to be clean, versatile, and to accommodate meetings, micro-events, impromptu work/socializing get-togethers. All in all, a favourable business environment for all the people involved.


Our challenge had been to make the Advanced Mountain Kit series stand out from all the other brands claiming innovation at ISPO. We used a disruptive approach to set-design, close to an exhibition/museum concept. Each mannequin had been staged individually and emphatically: every type of gear - a story in itself, every single climber - a storyteller in themselves. The visitors were able to touch the equipment, experience the refined fabrics, and feel the innovation first-hand.

To elevate all product stories, we used a content-driven light installation and positive storytelling. Inspiring and informative messages went in repetition via projection mapping over a monolith centerpiece that changed between product display and video brand messaging through a smart-glass.

To guide the customer, we designed a light installation made of Asterotubes that hovered about the four key product stages, linking them to the main piece of the exhibition. We used a DMX steered presentation that combined projection, product display, and a light show. 


For this project, we used modularity as a main concept to reuse the majority of the pieces making up the booth.

Futurelight Unveiling