The North Face

Friedrichshafen Outdoor Show

We transformed an ordinary trade show into a full brand experience that’s anchored in authenticity.


The North Face is the largest outdoor brand in the world. The way it presented itself at the Outdoor Show needed to reflect their leadership and exhibit three key brand territories: Mountain Sports, Run + Train, Mountain Lifestyle.

Since brand territory comes with a distinct business strategy and unique products, we had to create a single storyline to tie them all together.

As a space for B2B conversations, our booth also had to echo The North Face’s core values of Authenticity, Empowerment, Perseverance and Environmental Responsibility.


Engaging with B2B partners is a particular creative challenge: It’s about telling an outstanding, consistent story within clear limitations of time and space. Nevertheless, with elements of brand storytelling and several autonomous areas, we were able to reflect the brand’s impact.

Through a combination of hand-picked products, inspiring displays, bold claims, and pictures of fearless athletes, we aimed to create a versatile space for our key stakeholders to get a taste for different types of consumers.

Claims such as “Revolutionary then, iconic now” and “Never Stop Exploring” were part of TNF’s desire to acknowledge the brand’s history and commitment through its iconic products.


The Outdoor Show in 2018 had attracted 22,000 visitors. We needed to prepare for a similar number of attendees, but focus on wholesale business partners, international media, and other key stakeholders.

The space needed to accommodate all types of meetings and several micro-events for the duration of the show. At the same time, it had to be a positive business environment for the The North Face team and their guests.


We had been briefed to deliver the entire run of the show while maximising the budget availability. Our team delivered everything related to The North Face’s booth: Not just the concept but also production, onsite building and support, custom-event organisation, and award ceremonies.

We created a versatile space for the company to display its product series, with the possibility to be shaped into an event holding space that could be split between a closed business area and open product showcase.

The space we designed encouraged visitors to engage with a wide variety of products: Through digital screens, VR head-sets and positive storytelling we create a space for visitors to feel like progressive explorers, curious minds and bold outdoor adventurers. A “touch & feel” approach added interactivity while an unexpected photo booth made the customer experience even more personal.

Naturally, we supported The North Face’s “True North” initiative by designing several booth elements from nature-friendly materials and recycling all waste.