#BookTok Takes Over Frankfurt

TikTok Book Awards, BookTok Fair Stand & a Special Creator Dinner

Brand Experience

During this year’s Frankfurter Buchmesse, we partnered with TikTok to create a #BookTok booth, Book Award Show, and Creator Dinner, all designed to provide an unforgettable experience for TikTok enthusiasts.

The #BookTok community, known for its high engagement and rapid growth on TikTok, deserved a booth that matched their level of creativity. Inside, we set up cozy lounges, an interactive video booth, and engaging activations such as the 'Wer ist es?' #BookTok edition and 'Blind Date with a Book'. We also had a collaborative word-building Scrabble board and an exciting ‘Spin to Win’ game with prizes. It was a celebration of creativity, leading up to the inaugural TikTok Book Awards in Germany held at The Frankfurter Pavilion, honoring exceptional creators, authors, and publishers. The evening was further elevated by esteemed guests, comedian Otto Waalkes and the creator Younes Zarou, who represented the ‘Creator of the Year’ category. Their participation, along with the record-breaking involvement of the #BookTok Community, added to the excitement of the event. The awards marked a milestone with an unprecedented number of users engaging in the voting process.

The evening continued with a  dinner at Cresco Restaurant, where all winners were celebrated in a festive atmosphere. Congratulations to the #BookTok Winner: Stefanie Stahl, Jana Crämer, Tabea Joanna & DTV Verlag.

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