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Brand Experience

For decades, Nike has pushed athletes around the globe towards excellence. At the occasion of the 2019 Women’s World Cup, the sports brand launched a campaign specifically targeted at women: “Don’t change your dream. Change the world.” When we were tasked with translating this campaign into a bold retail execution at Nike’s Berlin flagship store, we got right to work.

We decided to build a monument of female force: At the centre of the store we positioned a life-sized Nike goddess, the mythical symbol for victory, speed and strength. The rest of the store itself was turned into a story: With large posters we highlighted standout female athletes and showcased the Nike gear they use to accomplish their feats.

The audience is an integral part of our installation: At a photo area, customers could capture and print their own pictures right within the passion and emotion of athletes. Several engagement zones showed iconic athletes alongside their stories of hard work and determination, seamlessly linked with the product performance. An activation zone we set up for an influencer event invited women to feel safe and ask for advice on how to choose, optimize, or customise the right bra for their body-type and sports style.

The Women’s World Cup was a perfect opportunity to bring storytelling and interactive elements into the store—to let customers experience firsthand that “it’s only crazy until you do it.”

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