502 Taper

Innovative room-in-room concept

Brand Experience

Levi’s 502 Taper is part of the “Made and Crafted” series, a modern interpretation of the denim jeans inspired by American lifestyle. Elegant and refined, it’s a versatile piece of clothing that fits into any man’s wardrobe.

To highlight the 502 Taper’s effortless style, we decided to focus our retail campaign on men’s physique and demeanour. Large-scale photos would display the style of men dressed in Levi’s, while a custom display installation would highlight the new products in the store.

Billed as "the essential fit to update your style", the 502 Taper is targeted at fashion-conscious men. To draw in this audience, we put the first photos right into the windows of the shop: Large images of the style superimposed with big bold copy. Since the new 502 Taper is made with a lot less water than before, we relied on 100% reclaimed wood to underscore the brand’s environmental focus and attracted more environmentally-conscious customers.

Based on the attract/engage/connect concept, we completely refitted store: Using metal plinths that isolated the products from the rest of the store, creating an intimate yet open room-in-room. Dedicated solely to Levi’s 502 Taper, it gave customers the space to interact with the jeans, to imagine how it would fit them and complement their style. As the window installation had promised, we continued to tell the story of a style upgrade from the ground floor to the second floor. Guiding customers along a full-surface LED wall supported the overall animated story while educating the consumer on the versatility of the product and its refined details.

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