Denim LeadershIp

Interactive showrooms

Brand Experience

Levi’s cares about the future of denim—and researches it at their dedicated Eureka Innovation Lab in San Francisco. Our task was to bring the unique vibe of that lab to their showrooms in Munich and Amsterdam and to put the innovations into customers’ hands.

To show their ideas, we set up several interactive areas in the showrooms that allowed customers to touch and interact with Levi’s products, as well as learn more about how the brand works beyond sales. To underscore the look and feel of the brand, we decided to use materials that supported Levi’s classic, vintage look: A denim carpet, vintage microphones, and even music from vinyl records.

We set up a customisation area that showed how customers can tailor, repair, or upgrade their clothes. Meanwhile, a Print Bar showed how customers can create their own designs to be printed onto Levi’s clothing and to take home. To round things off, we created a Music Corner that demonstrated Levi’s social activism in building music schools for disadvantaged communities. The showroom was meant to showcase the brand’s DNA to B2B clients: Partners who visited the showroom could enjoy a branded store experience and learn more about the newest products they could sell in their own outlets.

The cohesive in-store experience we created let customers go from one area to the other and experience the brand’s values and commitment firsthand. To further highlight the innovations from Eureka, we created a wall-mounted gallery with pictures of how denim jeans are produced and how the process is changing thanks to new innovations in the space.

The Grail Tour
Frankfurt Showroom