Samsung by Cheil

Frankfurt Showroom

We designed a colourful, vibrant interior to promote Samsung’s new retail offering to B2B partners.


An international award-winning agency, Cheil briefed Pioneers to design and install a showroom for Samsung. At the occasion of a new product’s launch, Samsung wanted to reconnect with its key B2B partners in a space that echoed the brand’s premium positioning.

To highlight the creative capabilities of the new device, we designed three separate spaces to show what it’s like to own the latest Samsung Galaxy Note.


Meeting with B2B partners is an essential step when going to market. This is why we needed to design a space that strongly reflected the brand culture and the promise of the product. Colours, fonts and typography play a central role in Samsung’s communication.

We took the opportunity to use the brand elements in guiding the customer in the journey, through the carefully curated spaces for Music, Photography and Film: Three areas that spoke of the capabilities and the potential of the new Samsung Galaxy Note.


One of Samsung’s vision goals is to become a beloved and admired brand. In that direction, it dedicates its efforts to creativity, innovation, and shared value with its partners.

We took this opportunity to advocate the business culture to Samsung key B2B accounts: The energy of the company is felt every moment throughout the showroom, with areas that generate feelings of familiarity and several custom-made touch-points that charm customers along the way.

We designed a comprehensive space that creates a sense of inspiration and encourages conversation.


The company’s warmth and friendliness needed to be the blueprint of the entire design. Through the choice of high-quality, honest materials (OSB, wood, metal), we elevated simple arrangements to express the power of the new Samsung device.

The use of dedicated props in every room, such as guitars, director chairs, and professional camera lights supported the consumer journey upon entering the space. Gold-coloured stools, lively plants, and discrete digital screens animated the spaces in a delightful way.

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