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KICKZ’ store in Berlin

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To celebrate the return of the Air Jordan XI ‘Concord’, we put together an exhibit of game-worn Air Jordan’s. The shoe is infamous in NBA history for being the second shoe Michael Jordan wore to be banned at the NBA for not respecting the uniform rules. As Nike put it, the exhibition was “a celebration of the fearless one, for the fearless ones”. The Air Jordan XI is a favourite among players and sneaker lovers, so much that some refer to it as “The Holy Grail”.

The entire installation was built with the Jumpman community in mind: Designed for discovery and interaction, visitors could experience the legacy of the Air Jordan XI firsthand. We invited relevant city influencers and passionate sneaker lovers.

Our premium retail installation connected court, culture and community. Across the room, we used free space on each table top to show polaroids and documents of the shoes’ heritage. We presented each shoe of the exhibition in custom-fitted modular boxes. Using podiums at varying heights, we managed to layer the exhibit in a playful way. To further differentiate the event from the normal day-to-day store business, we used dramatic neon lights that created a special ambience—a mix between modern aesthetics and the premium character of The Holy Grail on display.

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