Connected, not distracted

Brand Experience

Google’s Project Jacquard is the company’s innovative smart fabric that turns parts of clothing into a touch-control for connected smartphones. Levi’s has incorporated Project Jacquard features into a new collection of denim jackets that it wants to promote to forward-looking customers.

Since Project Jacquard isn’t widely known yet, our challenge wasn’t just to show off the new collection but also to explain the functionality to customers. Picking up on the slogan “Connected, not distracted”, we decided to focus on the immediate benefits of the technology: How it enables customers to complete everyday actions like making calls or calling taxis right from the sleeve of their jacket— without having to take out there phones.

To fully experience the technology, customers have to wear the jacket and connect their phones. To shorten that process, we decided to illustrate the benefits directly: Using a set of custom-designed icons, we showed the most common use cases customers can complete with the technology. The strategic placement of the promotional areas meant that Levi’s could draw in customer’s attention right as they entered the store and let them see for themselves how this impressive technology fits into their lives.

Levi’s Berlin flagship store has generous window space and stretches across three floors, which allowed us to spread out the promotional areas: We created a window display with attention-grabbing LED lights that highlighted Project Jacquard’s core functionality. To visually separate the promotional area from the rest of the Levi’s store, we covered the floor with a futuristic pattern, which also served as background for the product stands. We also produced wooden stands with custom-welded metal hangers, that created the impression of jackets floating freely the store. Thoughtful applications of white light not just explained the functionality, but also drew the visitor’s attention to the active areas of the jacket—an effect especially impressive at night time.

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