The Tribe Popup Shop

Urban Jungle

Brand Experience

Inspired by the urban street culture and the charm of the ‘90s, the Napapijri The Tribe collection brought a nostalgic upgrade to its iconic Rainforest Jacket and Skidoo Parka. Our task: Showcase the newest collection at a popup store in a way that stayed true to Napapijri’s unique brand language.

As a brand that expresses individuality and celebrates inclusivity, The Tribe collection tosses aside the stereotypes about gender to create streetwear with a fluid and versatile style. Following their slogan “Belong. Don’t blend in.” we wanted to show customers how Napapijri’s stylish jackets joyfully defy the conventions of the season. Building on customers’ curiosity and excitement, our pop-up created a temporary space for them to experience the brand and the product.

Engelhorn – The Box is a place for brands to express themselves in unique ways. We brought the Rainforest to life with a jungle of intersecting plants suspended from the ceiling. Visually, it created a space distinct from the rest of the shop—while retaining plenty of space for the collection below.

Our specially-designed wooden stands incorporated the main colours of the collection, while the campaign’s lead visual—a model standing in the mountains—served as eye-catching backdrop. The window installation was simple and sleek, perfectly made for the urban setting: Cutouts of models wearing the collection stood out from the background of the shop and drew in crowds of passing shoppers.

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