We created an intimate setting and a memorable experience for MERCK’s annual team meeting


MERCK is a vibrant science and technology company, a leader with a loud voice in the pharma industry. Every year, the German team meets in celebration of last year’s success and in joining forces for an exciting upcoming year. 

MERCK briefed our Brand Comms Unit to organize a memorable and heartening experience for all the participants, a gathering that would strengthen the team and energise it for 2020. So we got right to it!


Responsibility is a core value for MERCK, one that transpires in everything they think, do and achieve. Company ethics have a lot of seriousness to them; therefore, we decided to counterbalance this feeling by giving participants some freedom in choosing the activities and the talking sessions that they wanted to be part of. 

To encourage a playful approach our team designed and implemented seven unique sessions to boost the team’s connection and creativity: From tape art to flying drones to inventing a company song. A festive dinner event with a live band and an award ceremony elevated the entire experience.


MERCK’s Annual Forum is the only event that brings together the German team, which is more than 320 people. This is where the sales force meets the back office team, management meets trainees and oncology meets neurology. A time for sharing ideas, boosting creative energies, and showing gratitude for the fantastic work of the entire team.


Annual company meetings have a lot of expectations for them. Imagine you only meet once a year with everyone who is working in the same company as you are: It can be both exciting and slightly uncomfortable. 

Using a human-centered approach, our team organized all the details so that everyone could feel part of the event, acknowledged, valued and safe. Positive brand messages would create a consistent narrative along touch-points and give people a sense of pride for being part of the company. At the same time, different activities sparked curiosity and encouraged team spirit.

The team not only designed the entire experience but also managed all the logistics, registration, signage and a network of stakeholders. Our dedicated unit for presentation design elevated the speakers’ performance with engaging, well-crafted messages and on-screen presentations.

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