Offenbach showroom

A delicate exploration

Brand Experience

Levi’s shows a lot of creativity when it comes to being green. Time and time again, the brand has shown its dedication to product durability, lasting value for customers, and an ethical approach to the planet’s resources. Levi’s aspiration for the Offenbach showroom was to reflect its green purpose and celebrate its sustainable heritage. We did this through a seamless integration of brand design elements, product displays, and ambitious copy in a dedicated space for B2B interaction.

The Offenbach Showroom Project is an exploration of an unrefined space and of how it can tell a great story through design. Our intention was to elevate an unpretentious environment in a way that spoke about the brand’s less-is-more approach with grand product narrative at every touchpoint.

Levi's Offenbach Showroom Project aimed to showcase the brand's sustainability and heritage through design elements, product displays, and copy in a B2B space. The space included distinct product isles with unique narratives and podiums featuring iconic products, and used durable materials that matched the interior. The showroom was also meant to welcome key B2B partners and reflect Levi's green identity. To avoid overcrowding, we used pedestals and mannequins to showcase various product series, and used honest, simple materials including upcycled structures and reboard graphics. Some frames were made of used PET-bottles. The goal was to leave a lasting impression of durability and to encourage reflection on sustainability, functionality, and purpose.

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