Offenbach showroom

A delicate exploration of an unrefined space


Levi’s shows a lot of creativity when it comes to being green. Time and time again, the brand has shown its dedication to product durability, lasting value for customers, and an ethical approach to the planet’s resources. Levi’s aspiration for the Offenbach showroom was to reflect its green purpose and celebrate its sustainable heritage.

We did this through a seamless integration of brand design elements, product displays, and ambitious copy in a dedicated space for B2B interaction.

product showcase | delivery tables

The Offenbach Showroom Project is an exploration of an unrefined space and of how it can tell a great story through design. Our intention was to elevate an unpretentious environment in a way that spoke about the brand’s less-is-more approach with grand product narrative at every touchpoint. Various product series were showcased in distinct isles that would tell unique stories, while several podiums would champion iconic products. The approach was grounded in simplicity, loaded by intense, natural colours.

Throughout the design process, we had been very thoughtful of the building structure and, in line with our less-waste approach, only used durable and honest materials that matched the interior. 


With a reputation as a genuine, inspirational brand, fairness and shared value with its partners are critical to Levi's success. The company intended to use the Offenbach showroom as an opportunity to give a warm welcome to its key B2B partners and also advocate its mission and purpose - the look and feel of the space strongly reflected the company’s green identity and its leadership position among other fashion brands. 

We designed the space and organised distinct product isles that invited visitors to engage with unique brand narratives. We wanted to encourage reflection on sustainability, functionality and purpose, and essentially connect people with great products.


Showcasing a vast product offering comfortably and attractively for the visitor can be a challenge. With several distinct product series in our hands, we had to find a sensitive solution for the space to avoid overcrowding and to create a balanced look and feel. We wanted the area to leave a lasting impression of durability and maturity through the materials and structures we used.

Several pedestals were meant to create a high visual impact for the visitor and also create a sense of discovery through the customer journey. The mannequins would naturally complement various product storytelling through simple, genuine staged gestures. The delivery tables had been made of either wood or metal to prove their durability and strength.

We only used honest, simple materials, with some parts of the installation being made of upcycled structures and furniture from previous campaigns, we used reboard for all the graphics. In contrast, the slim frames had been made entirely out of used PET-bottles.

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