The High Loose Collection

For a natural, breezy lifestyle


Levi's High Loose Collection is a celebration of youth's energy, echoing a delightful 80's inspired look and feel. Baring a compelling call to action, "SAVE WATER. WEAR HEMP.", Levi's delivers on their promise to provide sustainable products to people: the high loose collection is sustainably made of super soft cottonized hemp.


The High Loose Collection ultimately speaks of a more natural and relaxed way of not just wearing, but living, inspiring through its simplicity and durability. With this particular retail installation, Levi's wished to cultivate a sustainable mindset that is inherently healthier for people and the planet.

Once again, Levi's focus is on reducing water use in the manufacturing process, while also promoting alternative materials that are less damaging for the environment. Cottonized hemp doesn't only need less water in the production phase, but also less energy and fewer chemical products in the growth phase, leaving little waste in the decomposing stage.


Levi's adapted promptly to a more demanding, environmentally aware audience and is steadily leading the way in providing better, more useful products to people. The campaign is mainly addressed to a younger generation that shows a rather lax, practical approach to fashion and clothing, despite its high expectations from brands and manufacturers. The collection has a particular focus on the female audience. As silhouettes are getting looser and looser, the brand is echoing a global trend in addressing inclusiveness and a less normative way of looking at the body.


Using Levi's youthful and disruptive style, we arranged the flagship store in Berlin to send all the right vibes to the audience. Everything revolved around the "SAVE WATER. WEAR HEMP." message was put forward in all the executions - poster walls, windows, statement light boxes, floor stickers, videos.

Two large windows had been planned with a see-through design and arranged with the elements of the campaign, using sustainable materials, dried moss, and wood. The main promotional area in-store shows a large floor sticker with a green, nature-inspired leaf pattern. At the same time, four wooden frames (reclaimed lumber) provided a clean and modern look with enough space for product presentation and hanging goods.

The mannequins styling and decor were rather unusual - we used blocks of green moss in nets, covered flower tops with it, and used helmets and bucket hats made out of moss. The styling followed a utilitarian, relaxed approach with looser blouses, cool graphic tees, oversized tops, statement sleeves, and other sporty elements - a smooth backpack activation complemented the new high loose style.

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